Hello December! I'm so glad this year is finally coming to an end and that Christmas is right around the corner. It was a difficult year to say the least and for everyone but I don't care anymore because it won't be long until I'm celebrating crimbo, spending time with the family and eating anything and everything I want and words cannot express how excited I am for the Food part. Just think Mince pies for breakfast, Tunnocks mallows and shortbread with every cup of tea and of course I can't forget the turkey, ham and stuffing and all those roasties on the plate, I'm drooling and I can't wait. But I think that's quite enough salivating because it's time I talked about some of my favourite make-up and beauty bits from the past few weeks as I haven't done one of these in a ridiculously long time.


Lately, I've been loving a very nude looking base. I've dropped the pinks and plum cheeks and dewy, porcelain looking skin for a satin finish, neutral nude that looks fresh and actually quite day time glam if you ask me. I've been getting lots of lovely compliments about this change and I've simply changed my foundation and blush combination to accomplish my new look. The EX1 Iniviswear foundation has been a favourite for a few months now and it's simply because of how golden and flattering the shades are. The texture is great for dry skin and overall the foundation looks very natural and pretty. Rimmel's Santa Rose blush has been my non-stop go to and I just love how natural it looks on my cheeks, it goes with every single lip and eye look I create and it keeps everything in harmony with one another. Of course I've been adding a touch of a glow with some highlighter but very subtly as I don't like that tin man look. I've been all about that barely there make-up look over the past while and I'm feeling very confident with the change. So there you have it, my nude faced base combo for the past few weeks. It's my new obsession and I think it might be here to stay for good, or at least until I bore of it.

For the past few weeks I have stuck to using the one lip liner and it's such a lovely shade to match with any nude lipstick you chose to pair with it. It's by Rimmel and it's called 'Addiction' which on my pale lips looks like a bit of a cool toned mauve but it's really creamy and smooth to apply and as I said it literally goes with everything.

My "everything" of choice for November happened to be MAC's Honeylove lipstick and yes it's everything they say it is. I know it's quite a famous product and well loved by many and I'm simply joining in the bandwagon a bit later than everyone else, as per usual. But it's incredibly long-lasting, super matte but very comfortable and it really flatters my skin tone. I can't believe the quality as I've never owned any high end lip products before but it really is quite incredible and I'm just totally head over heels for it. 

These two together are just a small pouted girl's dream because you can cheat a little on the lip line front but still manage to look natural. I can't stop wearing this combo and I reckon I'll have to keep buying them now.


The body shop isn't a place I usually shop for beauty products nowadays. But recently I've become rather fond of their Tea tree range after a serious acne breakout that just wouldn't disappear for over two months. Now don't get me wrong they're not miracle workers but the difference in the amount of acne, size of my pores and even the softness of my skin has definitely improved. 

I love the scent of the tea tree products and how fresh and clean my skin feels afterwards, even to the point of getting tingles. It feels great in the mornings and in the evening taking my make-up off is a joy as you really get a deep cleanse without burning or any sort of agitation which with having sensitive skin is just the norm.

I'm not even one for using toner if I'm honest, its just another extra amount of pounds to wipe over your face but this one is so lovely and I've been converted to using this one as a bit of an acne treatment too. It's a nice step after cleansing just before serums and moisturisers because I can really scrub remaining makeup off my hairline and jaw, preventing any more acne from occurring and feel all fresh and clean.

The best part is that both products are affordable costing just under £6 each but they are so effective in what they do and that's what makes repurchasing worth the while. I highly recommend them if you're looking for something new to try without breaking the bank.

Usually I'm wearing nudes and grey's but this year I've been digging dark chocolate browns and burgundies or a pale pink to make my nails look a little more chic and understated. In fact, I've been going statement or completely understated with my nails this season and nothing in between the two and I've been loving it.

I've picked out my two most worn shades, whether manicure or pedicure to share with you today because I think you'll love these colours. Both are from Essie and are called 'Shearling darling' the deep burgundy and 'Tying the knotie' the sheer milky pink shade which makes my nails look French manicured without the all the fuss of creating one. I find three thin coats of each colour gives the rich opacity I like and gloss them over with Polish London's top coat and that keeps them looking better for far longer.

I am just obsessed with these shades and if you love nail polishes as much as I do, then you should probably add these colours to your range. They are very chic!

I hope you enjoyed this little catch up post as I haven't done a monthly favourites chat in agessss but I think I just found some amazing bits and pieces the past few weeks that I really wanted to share them with you. How have you been these past few weeks? I'd love to catch up with my lovely readers and know about any stand out products or events you've attended lately? Let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful week everyone.

Laura x


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