Constant tickly coughs, runny noses redder than Rudolph's and watering eyes, it's the season for battling our favourite health conditions known as the cold and flu and trying to not use up all the tissues becomes quite the challenge. Out comes the cough bottles, tablets and lozenges to help us get through the day and push through the aches and pains and that's just in One. Single. Day. This year I'm going to be trying a more natural route and start boosting my immune system long before a single sneeze and sniffle begins with my *Zinger ginger shots from James White.

Each bottle of Zinger comes packed with ginger which we all know is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps suppress coughs, nausea, headaches, cold sweats and even an upset stomach. The rest of the ingredients list contains simply cold pressed apple juice and water with a touch of vitamin C, how healthy and natural does that sound? It doesn't sound like much but everything you need is right there in the ginger and in a tiny convenient bottle that you can pick up from either your local Waitrose or Holland and Barrett store costing just £1.49 per shot.

It's a lot less harmful to your body and it doesn't require diluting or combining, it's just a simple shot that gets to work immediately and I think your practically dead taste buds will like the burst of flavour. Though I should warn you to prepare for a good kick from the Ginger but also a sweetness from the apple that balances the shots out perfectly. You can really feel the intense heat on the back of your throat but I actually liked it and can imagine appreciating that when my throat is raw and sinuses are blocked. It tastes really good and not at all offensive and that alone makes it more bearable to take. I mean, have you tasted some of the cold and flu remedies OTC? They're so disgusting!

None of these shots contain any artificial additives or preservative, painkillers or goop designed to coat your throat but is a simple drink to take in the mornings after breakfast and before you head out the door. As a fan of drinking lemon and ginger tea in the cold winter mornings I am really excited to have a cold version because I can take it with me, should I not have time to pop the kettle on and I will have a more concentrated formula as a result. I adore ginger and I religiously drink it during the colder months so as you can imagine I am pretty excited to have discovered these fabulous Ginger Zinger shots. 

Whilst I personally favour the Original Ginger Zinger Intense pick me up shots they come in an array of flavours such as Chilli, Lime and Turmeric depending on how hot you like it and what takes your fancy on that particular day. I can imagine having a selection at the work desk in preparation for any virus this year rather than piles of boxes and bottles of medicine with nasty chemicals that usually only end up making us drowsy. I always love trying something more herbal and natural when it comes to health and I am routing for James White this year.

So if you're looking something different to try this year, I say stock up on the ginger zingers and keep them at hand at all times. Be ready for whatever this season throws at you with 100% naturally healthy ingredients and see if it makes the difference for you. I will be stocking up from my local Holland and Barrett store and popping one in my handbag for travel because ginger is such an amazing ingredient that doesn't just do one thing but cures an abundance of ailments and I like to have it in my diet.

Let me know if you would be interested in these shots and if you love ginger as much as I do. I think I'd take these shots any day over the ones we usually have on a Friday night, at least these make you feel good from the inside out. Here's to good health this season, Cheers Mr White!

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