So much has changed within the blogging world these past years and in my eyes, for the worst. It has become an Industry and something so very popular that we now even see it being promoted and used by PR teams, it's in books and TV advertisements and it can be a bit overwhelming. My natural creative self is feeling starved of inspiration because nothing I see or do is original. The blogosphere is oversaturated and although I hate that word, it's very true in this circumstance. Nothing I share here is really new, someone else has done it before and although I don't want my blog to be the most sought-after, I want to feel like I'm bringing something fresh and exciting to the table, not recycling the same information. I feel the blogging world is losing its favour with many people right now and the spark it once had is slowly burning out and today I'm going in deep and sharing how I'm feeling about it all.

Getting straight to the point, I have been feeling bored, uninspired and disappointed with the blogging community for quite some time and perhaps because I was around when it just started, when it wasn't an industry and it was a much simpler time. Nowadays, the rivalry, jealousy and yup, even blogger awards have pushed me towards the realisation that it's all so very far from what it once was, with the respect it had slowly disappearing. At first I was all for this new move and wanted to go to every blogger event, work with all the top brands and have my blogger name known and win awards but then I was getting closer to having all that and I felt so unhappy because it took the fun and simplicity out of it all and I craved the old days when it wasn't about any of that. Perhaps those of you that have been blogging for a long time will understand the most, perhaps not, but I know there are some of us that are seeing and feeling this very different vibe from bloggers and the blogging community lately and it's really quite a sad thing to say and see.

One thing I need to get straight here is that I am not pointing my fingers at everyone else as if it is someone else's fault, even I am guilty of joining in with the changes and doing exactly everything I am complaining about and perhaps that's why I feel eligible to say what I'm saying today. 

1 year ago I had a very different point of view, the idea of making this my full-time job consumed all of my time and efforts, erasing the enjoyment of it all and causing me to go a bit stir crazy with the workload, deadlines and competency that came with it. Fast forwarding to present time, that has all changed and honestly because I realised it wasn't what I actually wanted and what I actually enjoyed about blogging was the fact that it made three of my hobbies possible to do, writing, photography and creativity through topics such as beauty, life and style. It was never really about getting blog fame and winning awards or being a "Big" blogger, just having a place with the online world to create my own content and put my passions to work was more than enough for me, but I put that all aside for a while and allowed myself to join in with the other bloggers who were trying to make it big. I got sucked into this charming idea of having a popular blog that attracted thousands of readers and it becoming my full-time job and those thoughts entertained my brains for quite a few months last year if I'm honest. I had a stupid mental battle constantly going between wanting success and to just blog for the enjoyment of it, it was total madness, especially for what it is.

Realising all of this I also learnt that being an individual in the blogosphere is completely unachievable, there's too many people who are doing the same thing, for every piece of content created in one part of the world, someone else has done something similar elsewhere and with that in mind I decided to just blog for myself again and stop all of the competing nonsense as if I were back in school again and just blog for the enjoyment of all that comes with it.

In order to do this I stopped spending money on things just to write about and take pictures off, I reduced the amount of promoting I did and took a bit of a chill pill with my blogger schedule, in fact there is no schedule and there hasn't really been for a while. I don't get stressed anymore and I'm much more liberated with this plan that really doesn't involve any plan at all. It was all a bit too ridiculously intense last year and I no longer feel the way I did about it. Last year I was blogging between 8-12 times per month and yes my stats went rocketing up but the work I put into it was INSANE, leaving little time for the real world and all my other hobbies. Now, with the understanding of what it is I've loved about blogging from the beginning I've let go of all the planning, stat tracking and have been just putting up the odd blog post here and there, some weeks more than others and I've been a lot happier for it.

On the other hand, the rather obvious thing to me is that even in doing this I'm still not producing anything new, just recycling the same stuff. The products I review might be different but the techniques or particular genre have been discussed before and I want new ideas, fresh inspiration and fantastical blog posts to read for myself and my readers but it's not always possible, or perhaps even possible at all. For me the boredom has ebbed and flowed over the past few months but my love of writing and photography will never go away and so I've carried on enjoying these elements of blogging.

BUT if I'm honest with myself and you lovely lot I am planning to fade out blogging altogether in my life and spend the next few months/year basically weaning myself of it as it's become such a habit and a rather big part of my 20's that it will take a while for me to really let go of it. I can't keep doing the same thing over and over again, recycling waste is good for the earth but the same information and the same habits causes lack of learning and progression for us humans. I cannot inspire or help others when I have nothing new to share and that was part of the enjoyment of blogging for me and so I feel I only have a little more to say and share and then I'll be done with it. I can keep blogging but I won't be truly happy, there's nothing new to learn or share and things will become stale and the truth is I don't want to do this forever and so I plan to completely eradicate my blogging efforts over the next while, though I can't put a date on it, it will happen gradually and eventually including the social media I've set up to promote it. I just feel like it's time to move on, my life is and it makes total sense to me.

I am my own woman with my own opinions of things and I don't want to compete for something as stupid as blog popularity or for entertaining people I don't even know and that's basically what I feel blogging has turned into. I've been keeping myself to myself on this little corner of the Internet a lot lately and mostly because the blogging "community" is not what it once was, it's a very bitchy, aggressively competitive and honestly quite unfulfilling thing to be a part off and that's why I never do a blog chat with others on twitter anymore. I just don't want to be part of it and I am much more content without any of it. I never was one for drama, I like the simple life and don't believe that anyone should bother with nasty stuff like that, especially when you're an adult. After all, I'm a 26- soon to be 27 year old woman and it's time to grow up and move on from that way of thinking and so that's what I've done. 

I don't care for trying to be better than anyone else, impress certain people or brands but just supporting the genuinely lovely brands and bloggers I've met online or worked with, male and female because there are so many talented and sincere ones out there and truthfully they are what keeps the little respect I have left for this crazy blogging industry. I support so many bloggers from all different genre's, male and female but I think I'd rather just read their blogs than have one anymore and I didn't ever really think I would feel this way but I really do now and I feel only good things about this decision.

My stats and followings have dropped dramatically these past few months and that's fine with me as it's been purposely done. For now I'm just doing this for the little bit of enjoyment I'm still getting from it and sharing the things I want to and working with amazing brands getting exciting opportunities but I won't be going to any blogger events, asking for award votes or anything like that anymore. I do have plans to continue my love of photography and writing in other ways when I decide to stop blogging altogether, but it will be so weird not doing any of this after so many years of constantly thinking about it and working on it but I know that it's what I want to happen. I've put so much hard work and a lot of tears into my blog which I know so many can understand and resonate with, the hours we spend putting pieces together is ridiculous and when we lose it it's devastating but I really need to step away from it because it's just not the same and I wanted to share with all my readers today exactly what's going on and tell you how I'm feeling, so you know when I disappear the very reason for it.

But I've rambled for long enough and now it's time to share your opinions and feelings about blogging and the whole community in the comments section below. I know there are a few others who are feeling the same way but there are those just starting out in blogging and don't know any different. No matter how long you've blogged I would love to get your thoughts on today's post, let's just be nice towards one another no matter what's said. This is just one girls opinion but it wouldn't be a blog without others having their say too, so go on, don't be shy. Have a wonderful week everyone!

All my love,

Laura x


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