When I hear about a new tanning product that's completely organic and cruelty free, I always get excited. Having tested lots of bronzing formulas over the past 10 years, I've come across some incredible brands and some very dodgy concoctions. But overall, it's never stopped my love affair with self-tan. Todays self-tan comes from Insanity Tan - a completely organic and cruelty free brand, exclusive to salons around Northern Ireland.

Over the past few weeks I have been putting the dark mousse to the test to see how well it handles my dry skin and how long it lasts between uses. It's vegan, cruelty-free and doesn't contain any alcohol, parabens or fragrance and of course the DHA is derived from completely natural sources. The tanning range also comes in gradual, mousse and spray tan with varying percentages of strengths, ranging from either 8%, 11% or a whopping 14%. In other words light/medium, dark and ultra- dark, which is just incredible.

I have been using the dark mousse with an 11% DHA strength and after one reasonable coating on my skin, I had the most beautiful warm, caramel colour to my body and I didn't have any patches, or streaking. Of course I applied the tan with a mitt and I did 2-3 pumps per limb and 3 pumps for my stomach and back and I found the mousse reasonably easy to blend in. It was quite velvety and very hydrating, I felt like I'd just got a spray tan, you know what I mean? That slightly damp feeling to your skin, it felt hydrated but not sticky or uncomfortable in any way.

It had ZERO fragrance and as someone who has a very sensitive asthmatic chest, I really loved not having this overwhelming scent on my skin. Some tan brands really go for it with fragrance to hide the tan scent but I much prefer something subtle if anything.

As the hours went by after application I couldn't really smell any fake tan scent, at least until the following morning, but it wasn't anything overpowering and my bed didn't stink at all, FAB! 

A good four days after application and I was still pretty bronzed, however, I did start to notice patching. By day 6 I wasn't the best looking and I really needed to have multiple scrubs in the shower throughout the day to get it off. It looked beautiful in the beginning but towards the end of the week, I was a bit of a mess.

I absolutely adored the colour and I couldn't believe how dark I was, none of my foundations matched it and I really had to bronze up my face to make it all look even. But it didn't seem to handle dry skin very well, even with regular maintenance.

Overall, it's a beautiful colour and is insanely deep on my skin tone, but its longevity and ability to fade evenly, unfortunately doesn't quite compare to other tans in my beauty stash (A.K.A Madame LA LA). I will definitely persevere with my trials and see if a bit of extra moisturising or exfoliating will help with it in future. That colour is what will keep me motivated to make it work but for now I'm going to say it's satisfactory.

Obviously this is just my opinion and this is just how the tan worked on my skin. I definitely think it's worth a try if you love a deep colour and don't really have any issues with tans because it will probably fade naturally and much more evenly for you. I promise no tangoed toes, just a beautiful holiday glow!

If you've had an Insanity spray tan, or tried any products from the range then please let me know as I would love to hear about your results and what you thought of it. I hope you liked this review and found it helpful. I wish you all a wonderful weekend dolls!

For more information about Insanity tan please visit:

Available in Salons only RRP £18 150ml

*PR Sample


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