It's rather obvious that I love trying drugstore makeup brands and their latest products and strangely enough, Barry M isn't a brand that I've really dived into, apart from their gorgeous nail varnishes. I needed a new mascara and I'd heard so many good things about the brand new 'That's how I roll' that I had to get it for my stick straight lashes, to see if it could give me length, drama and most importantly of all, a long lasting curl.

But first of all can I just say how gorgeous is the packaging? I love the little rollerboot printing and purple chrome finish, it screams high end rather than its £4.99 price tag. It's also quite heavy and definitely gives off a bit of luxury, which I think is fantastic for such an affordable brand.

The wand itself is amazing at gripping lashes and separating them from root to tip, however, it fails to impress me with its formula, which leaves my lashes feeling very bendy and as if there's a plastic coating on them. Although it was a very black shade and did make my lashes longer, the neck of the wand was just too flexible and the more I brushed my lashes through the more difficult it became to pull the wand through them because of the texture of the product. In the end my lashes clumped together and bent very weirdly at the ends, even with a good curl after use they didn't look good at all.

At a push, I could maybe get away with wearing just one layer and apply it quickly so that I don't cause build up and struggled to pull the formula through my lashes.

It was an odd experience to have with a mascara and like nothing I've experience with regular mascaras. Waterproof formulas tend to have a bit more grip like this one, but the overall finish was disastrous for me and it looked as if I had three lashes and they sat all over the place.

I really did have such high hopes after having read so many positive reviews online but it just didn't work for me and I wonder if anybody else has had a similar experience? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and if you like these types of posts? Let me know your recommendations for affordable mascaras that hold a curl and give length as well as volume because I'm that picky and I do love to create a bit of drama with my lashes. Let me know guys! Have a fabulous day 

Laura x


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