Summer is right around the corner and it's during this season in which we expose a lot of our skin, but that's not always a good thing when our heels are dry and in plain sight in our flip-flops and sandals. Dry elbows, knees and even noses can all be treated with Weleda skin food and over the past 10 days I've been religiously applying the cream to my hands, feet and elbows before bed every night to get my body "summer ready" and as nourished as possible.
I much prefer my skincare, from top to toe, to have the least many ingredients in them as possible and without the dreaded parabens or mineral oils. Weleda is a beautiful, natural ingredient enthusiast based company, who take face and body care very seriously and say that we don't need harsh additives to achieve healthy skin, that, I totally agree with.

Skin food is a gorgeous oil based cream, which feels almost like a balm that soothes dry skin and protects it from further damage. I've had a lot of trouble lately with my hands being so dry and I blame it on over washing and the weather but after just two nights of using this, there was a huge difference in texture of my knuckles and my cuticles looked healthier too. My elbows were smoother and the tops of my feet too, I fell in love with it after the second use.

Breaking down the ingredients I found it had some amazing oils such as Almond and sunflower seed, as well as other healing and softening additives such as beeswax, rosemary, lanolin, calendula and chamomile extract. It's free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants, and mineral oils, which makes the skin food something you really should see benefits from using regularly. Too many body creams on the market promise to deliver the same results but are packed with silicones, mineral oils and other nasty ingredients that only create an illusion instead of genuine, lasting results.

Knowing what your skin is absorbing is so important and it's no wonder that a pack of skin food is sold every 30 seconds and has won over 23 different awards, it's such a beautiful product. I feel that it really does look after your skin and gives it the nourishment it craves after the Autumn/Winter months. But it doesn't pump any dangerous chemicals into your bloodstream to do that, it's simple and it's very moisturising.

I adore the smell of it, which is very like Lush's dream cream if you've ever used that. It's very fresh and herbal and just so soothing

It's definitely something you would want to keep a tube of with you in your handbag to use on blisters from new shoes, chapped skin, sunburn, dry hands and ashy knees. It's a one-product does everything sort of cream and I just love that.

It's extremely hydrating and heavy which means it really seeps into the skin over time and begins nourishing skin from the inside out, instead of sitting on top like a film. It gives skin a gorgeous healthy sheen too, which looks amazing over a little fake tan when the legs are out. So instead of using a body oil, Weleda skin food is a better option and especially so if you're in front of a camera at a blogger event, this would add such a natural glow to your body and without the need for any shimmer.

Smelling fabulous, feeling smooth, being recyclable and suitable for vegetarians this 75ml tube costs just £9.95 and will last you a very long time. I highly recommend this product for my dry skinned gals out there, who like me, struggle to keep on top of moisturising hands and feet. This is such a nourishing cream to apply to your driest areas before you nod off to sleep, it does all the hard work overnight and then when you wake in morning you'll appreciate the fact that your skin is so much better looking and silky smooth. It's definitely made permanent residency at my bedside table and I don't want to be without it now I've seen what it can do.

It's a cream that works, for an affordable price and that can be used in a million different ways but it's the ultimate dry skin cream that works even on sensitive skins. I definitely feel much more confident about wearing sandals and shaking hands with people instead of worrying about what they're going to think, it sounds such a small thing to worry about but I want to be as body confident as I possibly can this summer and Weleda has, without sounding so cliche, made it possible.

If you try a sample please let me know and don't forget you use the hashtag #CelebrateSkinFood as they proudly celebrate 90 years of this iconic little beauty gem. Join in the chat!

* Weleda Skin Food RRP £9.95 for 75ml Available here

*PR Sample

Laura x


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