I'm a huge fan of white teeth and love using products every now and then to help brighten my smile, but I'm also addicted to hot drinks and drinking several cups of various tea's a day means stains, and although I love oil pulling, sometimes I just want something to have an effect right away instead of gradual. There are lots of products to choose from on the market these days but I don't think you'll have seen one quite like this.

Today I'm introducing you to a fabulous new product available to us all from Polished London and it's their teeth whitening powder. With ingredients like Baking Soda and green tea, a few scrubs a week with this powder really helps remove those nasty tea, coffee and red wine stains and without the use of peroxide. It won't give you Hollywood whites, but it will improve the look of your teeth by taking off a lot of the discolouration and polishing them up with a lovely minty taste.

My teeth are badly stained from various cups of herbal tea's that I like to drink during the day and with that came a little bit of a drop in my self-confidence when I smiled at people. I'm a big smiler, I love smiling and greeting people this way and everynow and again it would just cross my mind that my teeth weren't as white as they were from my last teeth whitening session over a year ago. Now I'm not claiming this to be a life-changing product but it certainly did help and improved the overall whiteness of my teeth after just a few uses.

What I really like about this product is that it's so easy to use and by simply wetting my toothbrush, dipping it into the pot of powder and brushing for a few minutes, a couple of times a week, I saw my teeth go from a horrid shade of yellow to a paler cream, that looks completely natural and really makes all the difference to the appearance of my teeth.

The powder melts and begins to foam as soon as you start brushing and it doesn't have a strange taste to it but a rather very minty one! The more I used it the brighter my smile got but without the use of peroxide, which is something I always try to avoid when it comes to whitening my teeth.

From experience of using the powder over the past few weeks, I would recommend you use it no more than three times a week. I tend to naturally scrub hard at my teeth but I found brushing like this for four minutes each time I used it caused a few sore scratches to my gums and as soon as I pulled back on usage, I had no problems whatsoever. So be gentle when you use it and don't get too over excited with it like I did!

Now you've got a bit of a background on what it does and how you use it, it's time for the ever attractive, close up grins, to show you my before and after snaps. (Top is before and bottom is after, I really didn't think it had done too much until I saw the pictures myself.) Here are my results after just 6 uses.

More affordable than most whitening treatments
Easy to use
Zero peroxide
Easy store, waterproof container
Product will last long time
Results are apparent after first use
Allows me to keep drinking tea
Removes stains gradually
Fresh peppermint taste

A little scratchy on the gums with overuse
Cannot use if pregnant
Or under 18
Slight powdery, dry feel to mouth after use
Dentist doesn't recommend prolonged use

Although I personally really like using this product, knowing I had a dental appointment last week, I decided to have a chat with them to get their professional opinion on the product and they were honestly quite intrigued by the idea. But after reading through the ingredients list they didn't like the sound of the abrasiveness that product provides and recommended short bursts of usage so that I don't damage the enamel of my teeth. However, I already knew that overuse wasn't recommended by Polished London and all the safety guidelines and instructions come on the box to ensure you keep your teeth healthy, don't cause any damage, all whilst simply buffing them up a little brighter. I am simply the experimenter when it comes to products and all for the purposes of my blog, but always follow the instructions to the dot when I'm not reviewing.

It's the perfect pot of white to use before dates, parties, school pictures or any other event in which you know your pictures are going to be taken. On the other hand, a boost of the old self confidence is definitely the main reason I will continue to use Polished London, there's no horrible aftertaste or anything and this small jar is packed to the brim and definitely will last me a few months. (provided certain people in the home don't nick it)

So if you're looking a new teeth whitening product to try and don't want to bother with strips, then I would definitely recommend you give it a go. I really love it and as I said earlier it won't give you the Hollywood white look, but it will evidently remove stains from cigarettes, red wine, and of course, tea and coffee (I don't drink wine or smoke, my addiction lies within the tea department). I imagine if you used whitening strips in combination with this product you would get more of an effect and I may try that in future but for now I'm more than content just using the powder and maintaining the work it's already done, perhaps no more than once a week, two at a push if I've got an important event to go to.

Let me know if you would be interested in using a product like this or if you've had any teeth whitening disasters in the comments below. Would you feel more comfortable using a whitening powder instead of the strips? I'd love to hear from you! I really hope you enjoyed today's post and I wish you all a fabulous week!

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*Polished London Teeth Whitening Powder £19.99

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