We all know this brand by now and I think just about everybody in the blogging world has given their two cents on it and today I'm going to do the same because this tan has saved my butt on numerous occasions.
I was first introduced St Moriz many years ago during a time when I was unemployed and couldn't afford my regular bottles of St Tropez tan (total devastation) Money was tight and my ability to use a fake tan was beginning to literally fade; the difference back then was that I was just 17 and I only tanned during the warmer months and every now and then, so it wasn't a huge loss, just a sad, white girl problem. Thankfully I knew someone who was into tanning as much as I was and they absolutely raved about this tanning brand and as a result, completely converted me. Put it this way, I tried it once and the rest is history.

I adore the dark tanning mousse because the colour suits me perfectly and it doesn't last too long, which means I can scrub it off a lot quicker and get ready for a new application for a specific event or occasion in which I want to be a total bronzed babe, aka, Summer party, birthday, night out with friends or if I just want to be tan in general. However, the original lighter and medium shades are just as equally gorgeous, just not as dramatic as this one.

The formula is more of a wet mousse rather than the newer versions where things are more like a hair mousse, light and fluffy, but I do like it because it means I can apply it quicker and blend things for longer until I get the most perfect and even coverage. The guide colour is my favourite thing because it's super dark and truthfully, can look quite hilarious at night because the white's of your eyes and teeth are all that can be seen but it comes in so handy as the hours go by. I like to adjust and fix my tan as it develops and with a darker tan mistakes can happen so easily and so having such a dark guide colour there really helps to show them up sooner rather than later.

It develops within 4-8 hours and you can rinse it off after just the four if you wish but with this tan I like to sleep with it on overnight and then take a shower first thing in the morning to rinse it off. I'm always left with the most beautiful deep tan that looks like a holiday tan and not orange or dirty, it's always just perfect and I always get the same amazing results each time.

Now I don't really use it too often for several reasons, one of them being it's now winter and most of the time I don't always want to be obviously tanned and I prefer a gradual tanning product instead, but not only that, this tan can dry out my skin if I'm not careful. Moisturising every day is essential for me to keep my skin hydrated and the tan even, If I don't then I'm usually battling scaley looking patches of tan and a terrible amount of time is spent exfoliating it off. The other downside to using it is that even after a shower or two you can still smell the tan in your skin but I do find this happens a lot with the darker tans and not just St Moriz, even my more expensive tans have done the same thing, which is always annoying when you're trying to not make it so obvious that you're faking it.

St Moriz provides me with a beautiful and healthy glowing tan and all I have to do is moisturise a little bit more than usual, which isn't too much to ask really. The dark colour is so beautiful as is the original and medium formula's and I do recommend you start off with the orginial lighter shade and then work your way through the others until you find your favourite one like I did. The dark colour just packs on a nice layer of tan which lasts me a good 4-5 days whereas the lighter formula's faded much quicker on my skin.

It's such a fantastic budget friendly brand that I know if I have to cut back on beauty I can make it with St Moriz because I can pick it up from local pharmacies, B&M's and places like that for £2-3 pounds. A lot of us are strapped for cash nowadays and so I would recommend this product hands down as one of the best tanning brands out there that's widely available and reliable.

So there you go, that's my two cents on it and I think I've covered everything I wanted to mention. I think it's been 8 years since I discovered the brand and it made the transition from St Tropez to a cheaper alternative the best thing ever and I actually now prefer St Moriz instead. I recently bought myself a bottle of St Tropez and was gutted at how poor a quality the tan was, they must've changed the formula because this tan costs just £3 and is a million times better.  It's also become my dupe for my beloved Madame La La tan, though with some obvious differences but the same colour results.

Overall, I totally recommend St Moriz dark tanning mousse if you love to tan regularly and be very dark at the same time. As I said I prefer my gradual's at this time of year but I have a bottle on the go in case theirs an event in which I feel the need to be tan, or I just feel like going crazy with it. I really hope you enjoyed today's blogpost and found it useful! Let me know if you've ever tried this brand and which shade is your favourite. Have a beautiful day one and all! x


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