I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog about a tan which I've been using for several months now. I guess what reignited my idea of sharing a post on it was when I was sent the double sided tan mitt by the brand because they also popped in a fresh bottle of it as a little surprise, which I just thought was extra lovely of them.

If you love to self-tan, are on a tight budget or just wanting to try a new brand, then this post is definitely for you, especially if you're not scared of a darker glow.

I love my pasty pale skin but I regularly use a gradual tanner to take of the slight grey-ish blue tint (more so in the winter) and it just perks up my skin enough for me to look healthier and with that comes a hint more of confidence. On the other hand, there are days when I just want to be a full on bronzed goddess and I reach for my darker tans to achieve it, Madame la la being the holy grail must-have tan is the one I've been reaching for but it costs £36 a bottle and that's fine for every now and then but most of us don't want to be spending that much on a temporary tan and so I've been trying to find a dupe, enter Sunkissed.

It's fun to be able to play with the shade of your skin and I am a fan of the old sun in a bottle and Sunkissed's dark tan mousse is so ridiculously affordable, as well as paraben and alcohol free, I just had to share a post all about it. 

Although Mousse formula's aren't the best for drier skin types like mine, some brands are able to create one miraculous product that are rare to find and work incredibly well with a lot of different skin types and this one really isn't all that bad.

Sunkissed dark tan mousse applies beautifully and evenly on to the skin and smells just like a big piece of coconut toffee, which I absolutely adore. It is more of a liquid mousse than drier consistency when compared to the likes of Cocoa brown and even Sunkissed's own rapid tan but I do prefer it to be that way as I find you need to use less product.

I tend to sleep with these kinds of tans overnight in bed with some old loose pyjamas and I apply it a few hours before bed in case I make any mistakes because I can then quickly top up the areas I need to, or remove some of it should I see accidental darker patches. There is a fake tan scent after a while but it's nothing to shed a tear over and I actually don't think it's as pungent as others I've tried.

I think it's all down to the fact that one of the main ingredients is Aloe Vera that this tan fades pretty well on my skin and it takes me about a week to have worn it for a few days and scrubbed it all off. I actually really like it and although I've only ever tried one layer, I am tempted to try two and see if I could match the colour results to that of my Madame La La tanning mousse.

The one thing I would say to avoid doing with this tan is using it to tan your face as it went on quite patchy and it broke me out, unlike the Madame. I would recommend using something else but if you usually skip applying any kind of self- tan on your face, then you won't have any problems at all.

My results were even, streak and patch free and I really like this fake tan. I think it's a great alternative to my Madame La La, though truthfully will never be able to replace it but it gives me a gorgeous colour that resembles a week's holiday in the south of France without the travelling costs. The colour intensity of this product is not as dark as you would think and I am extremely fair, so don't be afraid to reach for this one over their medium tan.

The one product that this tan is a total dupe for but is actually much better than, is my St Tropez mousse, as I get a much better colour pay-off and the Sunkissed lasts on my skin much longer. St Tropez just doesn't make the cut for me anymore and I used to swear by the stuff in my younger years. I have to say that the Sunkissed dark tan mousse fades much more evenly and naturally, though not perfectly but that's due to my drier skin more so than the product itself.

So if you don't want to hand out the money for Madame La La, are looking a better dupe for St Tropez then this is the tan to get! It's just £4.99 a bottle but you can pick it up for somewhere between £2-3 in Primark. So the next time you're in nab yourself a bottle and let me know what you think of it! 

I really hope you enjoyed today's post and I wish you a successful and beautifully bronzed #FakeTanThursday x 


  1. This is my ultimate favourite tan and the price is amazing :)

    1. It is isn't it! I've got an extra bottle as back-up for when this one runs out, it's that good! x


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